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Business Energy Consultant

Making the decision to use a Business Energy Consultant will save you time, money and consumption, but choosing the right Business Energy Consultant could be the difference between a small or substantial saving in energy costs.

Casting your eye over your monthly energy bill whilst trying to do a million other business related activities can be confusing, time consuming and distracting – You may have little to no understanding of how your business energy bills are calculated. You might be unaware as to whether or not your current rate is even competitive or if your consumption is in line with other companies of a similar size.

There is another way… Renewing your energy contract doesn’t have to be that dreaded task that is put off for as long a possible… By engaging with an experienced, qualified and knowledgable Business Energy Consultant who understands your energy usage and the market will reduce your workload, save you time, money and consumption and allow you to concentrate on either running your business or focus on the job in hand.

Whether you’ve thought about hiring a Business Energy Consultant previously or you’re unsure as to what they can actually bring to the table, we have outlined some key points below that can hopefully make your energy procurement process a whole lot simpler.

What Is A Business Energy Consultant?

A good Business Energy Consultant will become an important arm to your business, in the same way that you probably use an Accountant to look after detail such as payroll, employee tax management, VAT returns, invoicing and so on… An Energy Consultant will become your eyes and ears in the energy market, looking for the best energy providers and contracts for your business. They can compare rates and make sure you get the best possible deal. They will also look at your current usage and suggest areas for improvement on your energy consumption through better practices and energy-efficient methods and technology.

They will also look at bespoke strategies for you to become more environmentally friendly, both through reducing usage and finding green energy suppliers helping you on your way to NetZero.

Benefits Of Using An Experienced Energy Consultant…

1. Insights Into The Energy Market

As a business owner, or decision maker, there’s every chance you don’t have a lot of first-hand experience with energy procurement unless you’ve previously worked in the industry. You may be left scratching your head as to whether or not your current energy contract is right for you and if your supplier has placed you on the right terms to suit your business needs.

You may be completely unaware about any associated fees and whether or not they are standard or on the excessive side. An energy consultant will dig into the finer details for you and give you knowledgeable, trustworthy solutions and recommendations. They can do so because they know the energy industry inside and out… On a daily basis Energy Consultants will be be monitoring market trends, getting inside knowledge from top suppliers, speaking to other businesses potentially in your sector and listening to their pain points and coming up with solutions, You may think that your energy charges, situation or contract is giving you unnecessary headaches whereas an Energy Consultant will have more than likely been there, seen it and solved it previously. They have extensive experience across many industries and while no two businesses are exactly the same, our energy consultants have seen it all. They’ve found solutions that work in most companies, as well as methods that work in similar situations. With their creative problem solving and informed perspective, they can develop a sound plan of action that works for your business needs.

2. Business Energy Consultant -Complete Peace Of Mind

If you’re in charge of your energy procurement strategy, it can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to tell if you’ve taken the best route or the easiest route to renewal and in such a volatile market it can be a daunting thought knowing that there’s a real possibility of you being one wrong decision away from costing your company or employer thousands of unnecessary pounds. The energy market is an ever changing beast and purchasing/renewing at the wrong time can have huge consequences especially coupled with the ever growing costs associated in other procurement areas.

Having your own dedicated Energy Consultant, someone on the end of the phone that you’ve come to know and trust, someone that lives and breathes the industry and is in prime position to make money saving recommendations is worth its weight in gold. For example, at the time of writing, we are seeing cheaper energy rates for renewals in twelve months time compared to if you were looking to renew right now, therefore as an example, if you had access to one of our experienced Energy Consultants today, they would be advising you to start looking twelve months in advance based on trends, knowledge, experience and intuition, something you may have missed out on if you were riding solo.

An Energy Consultant can give you the benefit of having a full-time energy manager without the cost of recruitment or training, leaving you and your team to do what they do best, rather than splitting their focus between energy usage management and other tasks. You’ll get the benefit of a well-established expert who can dedicate the necessary time to finding the ideal solution for your business.

3. Flexible Energy Procurement Options

By having the luxury of your own dedicated Energy Consultant it opens up a variety of different procurement options, for example did you know that there are a number of ways to purchase you energy?

  1. Flexible Procurement

Flexible energy procurement strategies allow you to take advantage of the fluctuating energy marketplace to secure your supply at the right price and the right time. This strategic approach requires more hands-on risk management expertise, which is where the specialists at Enexus come in. With over a decade of experience each, our account managers have a deep understanding of how to track the market and strike at the optimum time to secure discounts of up to 30% on wholesale energy.

2. Fixed Price Procurement

Fixed price energy contracts are often the simplest and may be the type of agreement you already have in place with your existing supplier. They allow you to negotiate a fixed price for the duration of your contract, which offers a level of security and certainty that is best suited to certain businesses. Our energy experts will work with you to decide whether this approach is the right fit for your unique requirements, and will negotiate with suppliers to get the best deals on price and contract terms.

3. Hybrid Procurement Agreements

Depending on your desired outcomes and your appetite for risk, Enexus can develop bespoke hybrid energy procurement agreements that blend elements and benefits from both fixed and flexible strategies. Your dedicated account manager will offer expert advice on when and how best to utilise this blended approach to achieve your overall business goals.

Depending on your usage, switching water supplier could reduce your bills by up to 18% – in some cases even more.

Energy procurement doesn’t just stop with gas and electric either… A lot of business aren’t aware the due to recent deregulation companies in the UK now have the capability and flexibility to now choose between water suppliers in the same way they can for their gas and electric renewals/contracts.

Depending on your usage, switching water supplier could reduce your bills by up to 18% – in some cases even more. A top drawer Energy Consultant can help you choose the right water supplier to meet your commercial and environmental objectives.

Business Energy Consultant

4. Save Time And Money

It’s easy to stick to what you know, we’re all guilty of it, whether that be your mobile phone provider, make and model of car or insurance services, but in reality sticking to what you know can potentially mean not getting the best rates and terms.

An Energy Consultant will have no set ties to any specific supplier and has the capacity, time and knowledge to scour the market on your behalf to ensure you have full market visibility when the time comes to renewing your energy contracts.

They also speak to and deal with various suppliers on a day to day basis meaning they’re fully aware on timeframes, customer service levels and competency. The very best Energy Consultants will work hard to build long lasting relationships with energy suppliers. These relationships then enable Energy Consultants to offer their customers the best possible rates

When dealing with a Business Energy Consultant, suppliers are well aware that they’ll be competing against each other for contracts, meaning the buying power and negotiating stance become stronger, these relationships also benefits the suppliers as Energy Consultants make up nearly 50% of some energy suppliers’ sales, so it’s in their best interest to provide Consultants with the best rates available. In addition to this, the relationship Energy Consultants have with suppliers means that they can alert you quickly if market conditions change and the potential impact that will have on your energy prices.

5. A Business Energy Consultant Can Guide You Through Your Net Zero Journey

The prospect of implementing the right changes to reach your Net Zero goals successfully is daunting and has become an unwelcome source of pressure for many businesses; but wherever you are on your Net Zero journey, a reputable Energy Consultant will design, map, and put into action a bespoke Net Zero strategy that benefits the planet and your business.

Business Energy Consultant

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero is achieved by balancing the amount of greenhouse gasses your business produces with the amount your business removes from the atmosphere. 

The first step an Energy Consultant will take when approaching your Net Zero strategy is to look at the ways your business can reduce carbon emissions – or better still, cut out CO2 emissions altogether. Their next step is to balance this with the unavoidable emissions you produce, using tactics such as carbon offsetting to eliminate your emissions to the atmosphere.

Without using an experienced Energy Consultant the road to Net Zero could be long and windy and without clear direction.

6. Dedicated Business Energy Consultant

We’ve all been there… That generic hold music, the ‘press five for billing issues’ message and having to speak to a different member of staff or department with every query… It can be a stressful and time consuming period, especially if you have an issue that needs resolving quickly.

By appointing your own dedicated Energy Consultant, you are gaining your very own point of contact who can deal with any issues such as billing queries for example on your behalf, giving you complete peace of mind that all queries will be dealt with in a fast, professional manner with limited effort on your behalf.

Your Energy Consultant is always on hand via email or phone should you have any questions or queries no matter how big or small and because they know your business and the energy market inside out there’s every chance of them spotting potential issues before you do.

7. Completely Risk Free

After your initial free consultation and energy audit, your Energy Consultant will then send you out what is known as an LOA (Letter Of Authority) – This does not give them any power to put you in or take you out of any contract, it’s basically a permission slip for them to be able to research the market on your behalf. Once you have completed and signed this, they will begin the process of gathering rates, options and deals that suit your business requirements, with no obligation to continue the process should for whatever reason you decide not to.

If you like the sound of saving time, money and consumption by having your very own dedicated Business Energy Consultant, book your free consultation today

Business Energy Consultant


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