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Energy Consultant: Industry Insights…

Business energy is an area that with the correct guidance and support, has the potential to minimise overheads drastically. There are several ways this can be achieved, from analysing your energy consumption to securing an energy contract which is best suited to your business’ energy purchasing strategy, an experienced Energy Consultant will help you achieve your goals.

With their wealth of knowledge and experience, our energy consultants manage your energy procurement strategy, helping to take some of the pressure off you when resources are stretched, but how important is it to find an Energy Consultant that really suits and understands your business? 

In our latest article we grab a coffee with experienced Energy Consultant – Jon Howorth and find out what it’s like to be an Energy Consultant at Enexus…

  • How many years experience in the Energy sector do you have? 

I have over five years experience in the energy sector, so I’ve seen the industries ups and downs (literally) having witnessed how unpredictable the energy market can be, I am proud to be doing something that genuinely makes a huge difference to so many businesses across the whole of the UK. 

  • What industries do you think need an Energy Consultant?

If you’re a high user of electricity, gas and/or water, regardless of your industry or sector, my advice would be to engage with an Energy Consultant.

A good Energy Consultant will become an important arm to your business, in the same way that you probably use an Accountant to look after detail such as payroll, employee tax management, VAT returns, invoicing and so on… An Energy Consultant will become your eyes and ears in the energy market, looking for the best energy providers and contracts for your business. They can compare rates and make sure you get the best possible deal. They will also look at your current usage and suggest areas for improvement on your energy consumption through better practices and energy-efficient methods and technology.

In terms of sectors that I have had my own personal experiences with, then I would sayManufacturing, Holiday Parks, Food Production, Care Homes, Commercial Laundrettes, Large Recycling businesses, Butchers and fish mongers .

I find that once you deliver a quality service and save clients time, money and consumption on their energy bills within a certain arena then the word spreads within that sector which develops immediate trust.

  • When speaking to clients and potential clients, what’s the biggest misconception you find that people have about Energy Consultants? 

Initially some businesses can mistake an energy consultant or broker for a supplier or sometimes think that all we really do is save them time and takeover the renewal of their contract, both of which are untrue. Firstly an Energy Broker works with suppliers not for them, we work for you, the consumer, we are completely impartial, with our main goal being to save you money on your energy bills. Secondly, yes, of course we can save you the time and effort spent sorting out your new contract, but when dealing with Energy Consultants, suppliers are well aware that they’ll be competing against each other for contracts, meaning the buying power and negotiating stance becomes stronger, these relationships also benefits the suppliers as Energy Consultants make up nearly 50% of some energy suppliers’ sales, so it’s in their best interest to provide Consultants with the best rates available. In addition to this, the relationship Energy Consultants have with suppliers means that they can alert you quickly if market conditions change and the potential impact that will have on your energy prices.

  • Why do you think businesses should use an Energy Consultant?   Why would you not?  By choosing the right Consultant, your organisation will find comfort in knowing all your business energy needs are being looked after by a team of experts. We do more than ensure you’re on a cheaper tariff, we offer bespoke green energy management services that will help you minimise your energy overheads.

I’m passionate about supporting businesses in becoming more energy- efficient to create a greener organisation for their customers. As net zero experts, we want to ensure your business is equipped to achieve your net zero goals, whether that be through procurement or energy saving methods, we will be with you every step of the way and ensure you are on the right path.

  • What do you enjoy the most about being an Energy Consultant? Where do I start… The rewards, my colleagues and being part of a team all pulling in the same direction for me are the main aspect. The job satisfaction is enormous too and the sense of pride when you receive a positive review from a client who you’ve just saved thousands of pounds for is a fantastic feeling.
  • How do you stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with the business energy market?

For me, knowledge is power, my clients depend on me to provide up to speed, real time advice on the ever changing energy market so I ensure that I’ve constantly got my finger on the pulse by conducting regular research whether that be online, networking, conversations with suppliers or key individuals within the sector.

  • If you could give one piece of advice to potential clients today, what would it be? 

For me, there’s enough evidence out there to suggest that rates will not just simply continue to fall and that we’ve potentially hit a plateaux in the market. My advice to businesses within 12 months of renewal currently would be to engage with an expert Energy Consultant who can analyse your rates, usage and business needs to put a cost effective plan of action in place to ensure business sustainability.

Whether you’re working towards your net zero goals or looking to save money on your energy bills, our dedicated team of Business Energy Consultants are on hand to guide you every step of the way

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